Jumping Boy Greetings Card

"I flew once. I soared through the air like the most graceful of birds. I flew for practically a minute. It certainly felt like a minute. A good minute I'd say. Perhaps a little less. Perhaps a little less than a minute. It's very hard to tell when you're flying. It was definitely several seconds, I definitely flew for at least several seconds. I went so so high, I really did. I wasn't scared though, not for one moment—it didn't even occur to me. Someone said that that was because I only jumped, but I didn't. I definitely flew for at least several seconds. I suppose to someone who's never actually flown, my flying could have been confused for a jump, misconstrued so to speak. But that's silly. Just because I didn't spread my arms very wide or travel very far, it doesn't mean it was a jump. I've jumped before, and this definitely wasn't a jump. I mean, I went up and then back down again, similar to a jump, but there was a point when I wasn't tethered to the ground, and I felt like a bird, which is really all flying is when you think about it—not being tethered and feeling like a bird. I flew. . . I'm sure of it. I'm very nearly almost certain.

I must have done.

If it was a jump, I am the best at jumping in the whole world."

Jumping Boy Greetings Card

  • Printed onto beautiful biscuit coloured card,

    measures 14 x 14cm complete with kraft brown envelope and acetate.

    Made using all recycled and biodegradable materials.